Chi siamo

Peter Mussfeldt was born and educated in Europe, where he spent the first years of his stormy life: his birth in Berlin, the wartime childhood, the adolescence in East Germany occupied by Soviet troops, his studies in Dresden. He then continued his training in Düsseldorf and began traveling throughout Western Europe, with the first international artistic experiences between Athens, Rome, Paris and London.

In the '60s he met Pablo Picasso, for whom he designed the poster of the only drama he wrote, "Como se toman los deseos por la cola."

After touring Europe, Peter eventually arrived in Ecuador, an experience that would profoundly affect his work and his life, to the point that he established his residence and now spends most of his time there.

His work earned him numerous awards and is exhibited in major museums in Germany, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and the United States. He also participated in important international exhibitions, including the International Exhibition of South American design at the MoMA in New York. The Museum later bought several of his works, which were displayed internationally as part of the traveling exhibition "Around the World".

He also illustrated the book "Kazbek", published in Spain by Leonardo Valencia, and worked as a consultant for the first Iberoamerican Design Biennial in 2008 in Madrid.

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