Chi siamo
Raul Gabriel's ephemeral works go against the conception of eternity. As an artist who decodes everything that has already been built, he makes art transitory with clever surprises. By using abstract, disquieting lines, he manages to interpret them in a precise and light way at the same time, which highlights the artist's understanding of the balance between the finite and infinite in a perpetual dichotomy. >>
Peter Mussfeldt  
Clean, sharp lines are the trademark of Peter Mussfeldt's work. As a versatile artist he explores many mediums in his quest for fresh inspiration: from graphic design to painting, from silk-screen printing to textiles. The non-conformist German artist's works are part of MoMA's NYC collection. His oeuvre reflects the tireless journey of an independent spirit, all of which can be found in his creations for the SO Peter Mussfeldt collection. >>
Drawing on a love of alchemy, Edgar Carrasco's creations show a deep knowledge of metal and its enigmatic, chemical reactions to craftsmanship. By hand, the artist works the metallic surfaces until they become alive: manipulating texture with acids, carving surfaces for character, adding color by flame, and polishing for brilliance. Breathing life and giving them a voice, his metallic surfaces become alive.
Color – warm, suggestive, intense – is the centerpiece of Jaime Villa's paintings. The native Ecuadorian artist was influenced by the rich palettes of his homeland, mixing warm colors and vibrant hues which allude to the luminous landscapes of the Sierra, the warm tones of the Coast, and the verdant swaths of the jungle, while undercurrents hint at the relentless tension between serenity and severity.
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