About So
Ssj Toma (http://images.nevelde.hu/)
About SO
The creator of SO, Cecil Servigon, has always possessed an innate passion for exploring diverse, rich cultures and worldwide art. Always looking ahead for new ideas, she commissioned artists and designers to shape her visions, creating an affordable way to bring the timeless beauty of art into everyday lives.

SO was born in Milan, Italy, out of a desire to combine fine luxury with high art in a way that allowed each piece to become a personalized collection, while sharing an unparalleled glimpse into the innovative mind of the individual artists. The collaborations are a platform for each artist to evolve their creative visions into wearable, collectible legacies that speak to each individual in a highly personal way. An exploratory venue that allows the artist a new expression -- the union of art and jewelry in a perfect harmony.

Art jewelry
Exclusive jewelry in limited edition allows the wearer to become an unusual canvas, for dynamic and precious new works of art.

Signed by the individual artists and uniquely crafted, SO's jewels are trend-proof and sophisticated, results of a careful and passionate research.
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